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Our Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Casamanza Farm was one of the first to subscribe to the Rural Development Plan of Umbria by adopting the with A3 measure (introduction and maintenance of Organic Methods).

This step was a formalization of the vision ofthe countryside adopted by the farm from the beginning:
crop rotation and abolition of pesticides and chemical fertilizers for tree species.

ICEA Certification for organic products which we obtained after three year of conversion, confirms our reliability.
Our qualification at Umbria BIOL 2005, the ORO VERDE dell’Umbria di Deruta award in 2006  and the certification Umbria BIOL 2007 testify the excellence of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Casamanza.
Casamanza’s organic extra virigin olive oil is exclusively obtained by the olive trees of our farm (traditional species of Dolce Agogia, Moraiolo, Leccino and Frantoio, Pendolino).

The high quality of the oil derives from the careful attention in the process of production: harvest by hand in the proper period of maturation in order to obtain a high tenor of polyphenols and cold pressing within the following 48 hours.

Thanks to the adaption of these measures an oil with low acidity is obtained, with a good balance between the sensations of bitter, spicy and sweet, and hints of grass and almond.
Particularly indicated for salad dressing and bruschette and for the preparation of Mediterranean receipts.


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